Clean Ad Data for Data Studio

(With automatic data blending 😎)

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Never second-guess your reports again.

We all crave reliable ad data. But 89% of marketers confess to wasting hours double-checking data accuracy. And even more wasted hours trying to unify cross-platform data sets manually. With just a few clicks, Joinr delivers clean, confident, and fresh ad data to Google Data Studio. And the best part? Joinr helps you automatically blend data from multiple ad platforms into a perfectly unified data set. No coding required.

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Why is Joinr data best?

It's accurate

It's accurate

Don’t settle for connectors that deliver subpar data with unreliable uptime. Joinr consistently delivers 100% accurate data so you can report in confidence.

Like a data bullseye

It’s easily blended

It’s easily blended

Ad data from different platforms speak different languages. Joinr unifies cross-platform data sets with consistent metrics for blended and universal campaign analysis.

Compare channels like a boss

It’s free

It’s free

Other tools charge for every connection you make. Our free offering is best-in-class, with all our single source connectors free of charge and blended data sets available at the touch of a button.

Your wallet thanks you in advance

Connect data. Collect insights.

Joinr has a library of insight-generating, question-answering, eye-popping Google Data Studio templates that can visualize your data in seconds for instant analysis.