Unify Google and Facebook ad data. Automatically.

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Merge your ad data into a single-source, fully-unified, wow-that-was-easy data set that automatically flows into Google Data Studio.

Joinr data is better data.

Joinr automatically delivers a singular data set for accurate insights. It was built to rescue the 89% of marketers that waste hours trying to unify ad data themselves. Joinr blends data sources at the touch of a button and automatically synchronizes every three hours, giving you more time for the things that matter. Like celebratory high-fives with your team.

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Why Joinr data?

It aligns <br />mismatched metrics.

It aligns
mismatched metrics.

Ad data from different platforms all speak different languages. And that makes comparing cross-channel performance really difficult. Joinr delivers data with aligned metrics that eliminate confusion and pave a clear path to insights.

A.k.a the key to ROI-boosting decisions

It highlights <br />essential data.

It highlights
essential data.

There are thousands of advertising metrics across hundreds of platforms. That’s called data noise. We trim the fat and deliver the essentials: all the metrics you need to understand performance, nothing you don’t.

Cut to the chase with metrics that matter

It’s easy to <br />visualize.

It’s easy to

Joinr gives you data that’s super simple to visualize. And visual data unlocks insights. Use our single-click sync to a curated Google Data Studio template, or build your own report from scratch. No judgment here.

Rockstar reports in a snap

Level up your ad data game.

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