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The everything-you-could-ever-want-to-know guides about important marketing topics,
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Marketing data is always shifting under the pressure of new trends. It’s no wonder marketers are sometimes confused about how to best manage their ad data.

We crafted these guides to provide a one-stop-shop for marketers to get up to speed on important digital marketing data trends. Each guide is carefully assembled to take you from beginner to expert, giving you practical tips and tricks you can put to work a.s.a.p to get more out of your digital marketing strategy.

Sure, we’re experts at making your ad data understandable. But we also love making your ad results wildly shareable.

Google Data Studio Guide
Guide 1:

The Guide to Paid Ads Reporting with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for organizing and visualizing business data—here’s how this powerful, yet intuitive tool can be used for your paid ads reporting efforts.

Guide 2:

The Ultimate Guide to Data Unification and How To Do It

Data unification is changing the game for digital marketers. With blended, accurate data sets, marketers can find clear cross-platform and campaign-wide insights to fuel their digital advertising strategy.

Data Unification Data Guide
Facebook Ads Data Guide
Guide 3:

The Guide to Winning with Facebook Ads in 2022

Facebook Ads is an always-changing mammoth of an ad platform. Here are the best tips, strategies and best practices to stay ahead of the curve, along with important trends to keep track of.

Guide 4:

The Guide to Crushing Google Ads Strategy in 2022

Mastering Google Ads is crucial to crushing your marketing goals. With a new focus in machine learning and responsive ads, this guide outlines everything you need to know to hit all your Google Ads KPIs.

Google Ads Data Guide

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