Improve your tech stack with unified ad data.

Joinr is rapidly evolving to help BI teams unlock the full potential of their ad data without the hassle of managing a data pipeline. Vote on the feature you need, and we'll prioritize them in our roadmap.

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Integrate your ad data into any BI or reporting tool you can think of.

Using our set of APIs, you can query your data and extend the Joinr data model into any part of your tech stack. No data pipeline management required.

Expected launch: Q4 2022

Query-ready APIs

  • SQL API: Query your data with SQL ad-hoc, or integrated into any application.
  • REST API: Integrate your data into any application where you need a REST API returning JSON..
  • GRAPHQL API: Prefer GraphQL for querying your data? We have you covered.
for a quicker delivery.
Expected launch: Q1 2023

Customizable Metric Layer

Define custom metrics and dimensions from your data, then share these with your team to deliver your unique insights. Soon, you’ll be able to use Joinr to model your data before querying into your BI tool.

for a quicker delivery.
Big Ideas

Scale your data analysis with a metric layer.

A metric layer enables you to manage, document, and share custom metrics and dimensions with your whole team, providing a single source of truth for data insights.

Why use a metric layer for ad data?

Platforms sometimes deliver metrics with similar titles, but dissimilar definitions, or vice versa. As a simple example, Facebook Ads refer to your ad spend as "Cost", while Google Ads calls it "Spend". A metric layer creates relationships between these values, creating a new semantic (and customizable) metric on top that you can call "Ad Spend".

Metric Layer Ad Data
Generally, metric layers are created in 3 phases:

Create a semantic definition for each metric


Ensure organizational agreement on data relationships


Build methods to query the data out of data lakes / warehouses

But with Joinr, everything
is done automatically.

Joinr simplifies how metrics are defined and builds
query capabilities directly into the platform.