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70% of marketers told us that getting their ad data in one place is really painful. Joinr merges your data with a single click and polishes it up along the way. Giving you better data for better insights.

Here’s how our data
pipeline works:

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Fetch & Store

First, a rescue mission. Connect Facebook and Google, and we’ll fetch your data to store it in a centralized location. Say goodbye to spreadsheet-y CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Joinr template gallery
Joinr blends metrics from Facebook and Google

Unify & Align Metrics

Next, we transform your raw data. We strip away the fluff, align metrics, and make the data always-available through some nifty database coding.

Deploy & Sync

Once we put a bow on your freshly unified data, we fire up a connector that flows the data into Google Data Studio. Then we update it dynamically so it’s always up-to-date. And don’t worry–more destinations are around the corner.

Joinr flows unified ad data to a Google Data Studio template


After you connect your ad platforms in the Joinr app, we extract your data and store it in a cloud-based data warehouse. No coding, no maintenance. All dynamically updated for you.

Joinr blends data from Facebook and Google through a database
How Joinr blends cross-channel ad data


Next, we cook that data to make it digestible. We use SQL queries to strip away the data you don’t need. Then we unify misaligned metrics from different platforms under consistent labels.

Continuous Sync

Data nerds (like us) usually have a tool to analyze data. It could be as intricate as BI software, or as simple as a spreadsheet. For now, we’ll continuously deliver your data to Google Data Studio. But tell us what tools you love and we’ll leverage our powerful API to deliver the data where it needs to go.

Joinr integrates with Google Data Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

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Once upon a time, digital advertising promised real data, in real time, for real insights. But when we asked marketers if this promise was delivered, we got crickets. Ad platforms have only ever offered confusing metrics that make cross-channel comparisons an illusion. Enter Joinr (ideally on horseback) to simplify the ad data landscape and provide a single source of truth for blended cross-channel metrics.

Joinr fixes ad data by stripping away data noise, by aligning the metrics that count, and by providing easy ways to visualize the data where you need to. Our platform gives marketers actionable data they can make sense of. Data they can use to drive better performance.

To start, all data can be viewed in Google Data Studio (in either a Joinr template, or a report you build from scratch). As we grow–and as we gain your super insightful feedback–we’ll introduce additional connectors that will empower you to view data where you need it most.

There are a few ways to unify cross-channel data—but they come with a big price tag, a lot of hassle, and not enough Ibuprofen to make it worthwhile.

Tools like Supermetrics allow you to pull data from different channels, but don’t blend the data for you. All you get is raw data that doesn’t make sense.

Or, you can use a tool like which allows you to import cross-channel data and then manually create rules that align your metrics. However, that manual process is time consuming and requires lots of research to know which alignments to create.

This would be music to our ears. This version of Joinr is just the beginning, and we are eager to continue evolving the product with your feedback. Any preferred data tool of yours is a tool we want to know about, so we can consider it in our product roadmap. Click here to submit your connector wishlist.

Short answer? Not right now, but soon.
Longer answer: together, Facebook and Google ads make up over 50% of the digital ad market, so it made sense to start there. However, our team is continuously building additional data sources, with platforms like Tiktok, Google Analytics, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Looking for others? Tell us what data sources you’d like to see, and we’ll make sure it’s considered for our roadmap.

Yes, yes, and more yes. We love the templates members of our community have built. Share yours here and we’ll let you know if it’s being included in our template library!

As per Facebook’s and Google’s Data Governance policy, we do not own, sell or profit from your data in any way, shape or form. All data is funnelled through software that is SOC2 compliant, ensuring the highest level of data security.

Where can you view your data?

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