Free your insights... for free.

Joinr empowers marketers to unlock insights with clean, accurate,
and instantly-usable ad data. That's why our free single source connectors
don't hide behind a paywall.

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(Did we mention it’s free?)

Paid Search + Paid Social

(It's free)

This bundle includes all free single connectors, and a free blended connector that combines search & social.

More bundles around the corner.

Marketers have countless ways they want to group, view, and compare their data. That’s why we’re building out additional packages that deliver more data providers, more data destinations, and more data points. Whatever data questions you need answered, there will be a package for you.

Get a head start and tell us what data
packages you’re looking for.
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Free. Like free free.

Right now, Joinr comes with no price tag. No credit card. No commitment. Just clean and unified ad data, all at the touch of a button.

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