Data delivered from experience.

A decade later, we know ad data inside and out.

Created Joinr tomake your life easier. Built tools for ourselvesthat made our lives easier. Created a full-servicedigital media agency.

For nearly a decade, our founders operated a full-service digital media agency. That meant living and breathing ad data on the daily. Through thousands of hours of building reports and fist-fighting databases, one question lingered on everyone’s mind: why was it so hard to extract meaningful ad data out of these platforms?

Here’s what we realized:

The data headache was real.

So we buckled up and did something about it.

We built functions that assembled cross-channel ad data at the touch of a button, apps that helped us configure and organize campaigns, and dashboards that automatically visualized data in impactful ways.

We carved out ad data models that peeled away unnecessary metrics and merged the ones that mattered. Then we tested those models against hundreds of thousands of client reports to the point of perfection.

The Joinr you see today was forged in the fire of experience.

The experience of over 100,000 campaigns run through our software.

The experience and feedback of thousands of marketers using our

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Everyday, we’re evolving Joinr with feedback from our wonderful community.

If you’ve got ideas, wants or needs, we want to hear it all.
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